Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Losing Weight - it ain't hard

What you do is to eliminate refined carbohydrates from your diet (sugar, flour, bread, cake, pasta, pastry, rice, potatoes, etc), and stick to modest levels of unrefined carbohydrates (fruit, root vegetables, etc) while ensuring you eat plenty of green vegetables, meat, fish, and dairy to keep up a good intake of fats and proteins. At the same time keep doing some regular exercise.

Eliminating refined carbs prevents blood sugar spikes which your body handles by converting the excess sugar to body fat. Keeping down the unrefined carbs makes your body use body fat for fuel. Keeping up your fats and proteins intake prevents your metabolism going into 'famine' mode, which is what trips dieters into bingeing. Exercise speeds things up by increasing the amount of fuel you need, and by building muscle, which also burns more fuel.

So, it's goodbye to: beer, sweet wines and spirits, cake, pies, pizza, chips, rice, bread, potatoes, fizzy drinks, sugar, and anything that you don't know what's in it. Hello to dry wines and spirits, nuts, seeds, green vegetables, fresh fruit, water, cheese, cream, olive oil, meat, poultry, seafood, and food you prepare yourself from any of the above ingredients.

There are some downsides, it takes a couple of weeks of self-discipline for new eating pattern to become a habit; shopping and preparing food this way takes more time than using factory-made crab-loaded additive-stuffed package meals; sometimes eating away from home is a challenge - when presented with a sandwich lunch I have been known to eat the filling and throw away the bread.

Read more in any book on Atkins, South Beach, Low GI - they all converge at much the same point.

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totallyun-pc said...

Thanks for stopping by at mine.

I've done this before with varying degrees of success. The first time, I was relatively succesful and lost weight too quickly, everyone told me I looked a bit ill.

The second time, it went better, but then,. after going back on the sugars, it made me crave, and because I had lost lots of weight, I thought it would be ok to indulge. Hence I'm now back over my fighting weight agin.

Now I'm not an unfit bloke, and i'm not fat, I am 38 and developing a middle age comfortableness which I'd prefer to hold off for a few more years, so I'm giving it another shot as of yesterday.

Theres no doubt it works doing it this way, but there are knock on effects as stated.

totallyun-pc said...

PS. read your other blogs, and have taken the liberty of adding you to my side bar, as I liked what I read.

Steve_Roberts said...

Thanks, TUPC, I am honoured

When I got to my target weight I didn't go back to the sugars, although I did add more complex carbs, eg fruit, and the odd bowl of porridge. The other thing I do is weigh in at the same time every week, and if I'm more than half a stone over target I cut down a bit - usually it seems to be the booze that makes a difference. Anyway, best wishes to you.